Mimi Joung

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Always in my mind - Fragile home

Mimi Joung’s artistic response to the proposition of the “Always on My Mind: home |hōm|” exhibition at the MoA is primarily about the emotional value of home. For Joung, home means her mother, Bae Soon-ea, and the image of her is a comfort.Although Joung and her mother have a strong bond as mother and daughter, their relationship can be difficult as Joung lives 5000 miles away in London while her mother is in Korea. How does Joung know her mother is telling her the truth about how well she is or the ups and downs of her sisters and brothers - she suspects her mother does not tell her the full story to protect her. Distance makes the relationship between Joung and her mother very fragile; displaced. Communication is often fragmented; breakable.In this exhibition, Joung shows pieces of unfired clay slip of her mother’s birth name, which is repeated, with the clay letters resting on top of nails in the wall. During the exhibition, the clay installation will keep changing and reacting with the atmosphere of the space, breaking down over the duration of the exhibition. Although this work primarily asks the viewer to respond to the fragility of material, Joung would also like to ask viewers to think about how our relationship with ‘home’ changes as time passes. The viewer is asked to respond to how the clay names are falling down and breaking over time.Joung wants to create a portrait of the fragility of our ‘home’, the challenge to maintain a link with our families and places where we grew up, sometimes over great physical and emotional distances.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Museum of Art, Seoul National University (MoA)Exhibition Dates: November 04 - 27, 2011Exhibition Venue: Gallery 3, MoA (Address: San 56-1, Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea 151-742) http://www.aomm-home.org/index/mimi.html

Fragile home - clay slip, mounted on the wall.
Fragile home - clay slip, mounted on the wall.