Mimi Joung

Artist statement

My current works are installation and situation/relational projects, using clay, glass, second hand plates, found materials and everyday objects.

I have focused my work on issues of "Displacement", with objects addressing a wider discourse, beyond origin and usage, to reference human situations and experience.  Recent projects use porcelain and found objects, and draw direct connections to the activity of collecting: my own collections being created through the daily act of making.

The objects are suggestive of landscapes and stories, bundled together with mundane, found materials such as elastic bands, knitting wool, silk thread and a needle box, all found in junk shops.  "Day collector" is an ongoing series, of which twenty-three pieces were completed for a solo exhibition in 2006, and new works continue to be realised.

Most recently, I have been working on "Gateshead plates", a series using old plates from charity shops in Gateshead. These works can be seen as installation, sculpture and an intervention art project.  My intention was to rethink the history of the object (English plates) creating new possibilities for its future.


Mimi Joung, originally from Korea, gained her Masters at the Royal College of Art and currently based in London, UK. 
Joung trained as a potter in Korea, before working in a porcelain studio in Canada.

In recent years, she has made project-based exhibitions inspired by her interest to explore ideas surrounding her materials (clay) and their history. Joung completed the Artist in Residence program at the Banff Arts Centre, Canada, which celebrates conceptual art in Canada and allows international artists to explore the future of their ideas.