Mimi Joung
Between  Mute-Noon Series  Imperial Bone china series Mute-Noon series  Silver Stream  Gateshead Pltates
Gateshead plates series  Gateshead plates series, North & South exhibition  Side Cafe  Day Collector series, 2006 Limited edition print. edition of 10 Screen print  Mute-Scape, Day collector series, 2006
Thicket, Latvia, 2006  Clay today 1990  Waiting, London, 2005 Mute-noon series - Photograph, 2004  Broken Orchestra - Scenario-1, 2008   Drawing in progress
Images of new sculpture-famouse chair, mixed,2004 Image of new sculpture, mixed media, 2004  PostLandscape, post it, 2008&2009 Thicket-gold, porcelain, 2007 Take landscape with you, 2008 Take light with you, 2008
Always in my mind - Fragile home  Another Room  Another Room - 10 Manchester street  Propose Edition - Waiting series 2013 Propose Edition - Waiting series, 99 steps, 2013
Forming words, waiting Chrome, 2014 Monochrome


Current and future exhibitions    

Jikji, The Golden seed exhibition 

Title of exhibition of Jikji Korea International Festival 

An immersive exhibition of architecture, art, design, fashion, media and VR
Cheongju Art Centre, Jikki Cultural Zone, Cheongju, Korea

1-8 September 2016, 9am to 9pm

Media view: Tuesday, 30 August 2016, 3pm

Friends night: Saturday, 3 September 2016, 6pm to late